How to create an account on BlockBank

The following steps highlight how to create an account on the BlockBank app.

1. Download the BlockBank app from the app store.

2. Open the app and you will come across the welcome screen. Tap “Next.”

3. The second welcome screen says how seriously we take user security. Tap “Next.”

4. The BlockBank app comes with a non-custodial wallet which means only you are responsible for the security of your assets. In this screen, you acknowledge that if you lose your private key backup, you will permanently lose your assets. So keep your private keys safe and do not give them to anyone.

Check the acknowledgement statement and tap on “Next”.

5. In this screen, you check that you have read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy. Tap on “Register.”

6. Set up the account by giving an:

  • Unique username

  • Your email ID that you want to register on the app

  • A pin that you will use to open the account

Tap on Next.

Note: Remember that the pin will be used to log into the app and to access the backup of your wallet. So, make sure it is not easy to crack. Tap on “Close.”

8. Next, enter a few personal details (optional) and tap on “Create Account”. Your account is created on BlockBank.