BlockBank and DeFi

1. What is the relationship between BlockBank and Defi users?

We are not discriminating against our users — they can continue using pure DeFi services without KYC/AML via our web3 browser and non-custodial wallet. DeFi market share is growing, innovation is blossoming and we support DeFi values, we've planned partnerships with other DeFi projects to provide valuable sets of tools such as decentralized insurance, lending and other services to all users.Our patented AI technology will be valuable functionality allowing every DeFi user on BlockBank platform to get all information, advice and better APYs.

2. How does BlockBank change the relationship between Defi users and the banking platform through blockchain technology?

Our goal is to remove the barriers between these two financial services. The DeFi economy and users are only growing and they need better options to use “traditional” banking if they choose to do so. This is why we are developing a technological solution that our DeFi users, after going through KYC/AML, will get access to all perks and benefits of banking features.

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