BlockBank and Artificial Intelligence

1. Why do we need AI in financial services?

Our AI assistant’s patented technology puts the analytical power equivalent of hundreds of highly skilled financial analysts in the palm of our users, levelling the playing field between retail and institutional investors. It will monitor, gather, and provide data in real-time based on investment preferences to maximize gains and minimize unnecessary losses. This is a feature that has been extensively used in traditional finance these last few years, especially with companies investing in ETFs, index funds and specialized trading strategies. Bringing this to crypto, and especially to a non-custodial wallet, will be game changing.

2. What company is providing AI technology?

BlockBank has partnered with a company called Skael . They have true AI technology being used by Fortune 100 companies, including one of America's largest banks. BlockBank not only has the exclusive rights for use of the technology for crypto and blockchain but also the distribution rights for the technology in these sectors as well.

Skael has over 70 employees and a dedicated technology team to BlockBank and will be scaled up as needed. We are extremely excited that we will be able to offer the AI services in any fashion a company would like to utilize the technology.

3. AI assistant brings the analytical power equivalent to hundreds of highly skilled financial analysts. How is this possible?

Data will be accumulated, analyzed, learned and compiled all with one main function - is to provide insights on market trends and investment strategies is its core function. It will be expanded over time to more interactive functions like trade execution or APY optimization As the technology learns the interaction between each user including their risk profile, current strategies, and their intended returns they wish to achieve.

4. Advisor robot provides real-time data that is intended to help optimize asset allocation, maximize profits and minimize unnecessary losses, but is that data reliable and accurate during volatile and indecipherable markets?

If you have been in the crypto space for quite some time you start to realize that from an analytical perspective the markets aren’t as indecipherable as one might think. Volatile yes, but due to the oracles, data sets and other variables we are incorporating into the robo-advisor we believe it will become one of the most trusted and unbiased tools in our market. The processing power of our tool is immense and because the data is being pulled in real time it can effectively quantify all data to provide accurate results.

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